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The Michael Phillips Handsome Tour ‘11

Big week over here at HHQ for us.  Our wholesale program is officially a go, and we couldn’t be more excited. Starting in a matter of days, Handsome Coffee will be available at The Hub in Springfield, Missouri and RBC NYC in Manhattan

We’re excited to see our coffee make its way out in the world, but like any good parent, we want to make sure we’re still available.  

And everyone knows that Michael Phillips is our overbearing mother figure.  He gets a little weepy every time a bag gets picked up by Steve the Postman.  

He’s up all night worrying about his babies, concerned that they might need help or guidance. What to do?  

So, we’re sending him out on the road to our first wholesale accounts.  And he’s all yours.  He can help train your staff.  Talk about our coffees, work 18 hour shifts on your bar, dance at your wedding.  Anything that helps you out. 

Every decision in our business comes back to our focus on quality and service.  We think training should be provided.  We want people to drink good coffee.  We want to help however we can with that mission.

Michael is heading out the beginning of August to traverse the country and get this party started. We’re actively looking for some great partnerships right now.  Shoot us an email at Handsome@HandsomeCoffee.com if you’d like to see him at your shop.

  • 22 July 2011
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