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A Handsome Wager

Hi everybody.  
Starting a roasting company is filled with some exciting developments and milestones. Finding a space, hunting down a roaster, driving a van aimlessly for hours… you know, the usual things.  Some milestones more notable than others.  Like how starting this week Handsome Coffee will be roasting some coffee.  And we want to share it with you, bring you into the van, if you will.  As we find coffees from around the world, and roast and slurp our way to an understanding of them, we’ll discover that some of these beans are not worth our time or your’s.  And we’re fine with that.  It’s a part of the learning process.
We also realize that we’re probably going to roast what the kids would call some “bangin’” coffee.  And then what?  We’re going to drink 40 lbs of it?  Yeah right. As if!  We want to pack it up and send it to you!  It will require quick work on our part, and we don’t really want to have to get already roasted coffee sold in a hurry.  Rather, we’d like to pre-sell it on a sort of subscription basis.  It’s really more like gambling, if you ask me.  And you know we love to gamble.  So, we’ve dubbed this program “A Handsome Wager”, and it works like this…
For a $50 ante (shipping inclusive), we’ll ship you an 8oz bag of every single roast we deem worthy from now through July 15, 2011.  As if that weren’t a sweet enough deal, we’ll promise you no less than 4 shipments.  Of course there is a possibility that you may get 14 shipments.  Each one in a poorly done one-off collector’s edition bag!
We’ll be quality controlling coffees the day after they roast, and if that coffee is determined to be worthy of your supple lips, we’ll pack and ship it that day via USPS priority mail, so you should see it 3-4 days off roast.  That’s prime drinking time, hater!  
Here’s the how to and fine print.  
We are limiting this to the first 40 people to respond.  We’ll be accepting payment through paypal or credit cards over the phone.  Interesting trades also considered.  Email wager@handsomecoffee.com with your phone number and one of our “representatives” will call you to get your information and seal the deal.  If you don’t live in America, we’ll still send you coffee, but it will cost a lil’ more.
  • 25 May 2011
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