582 Mateo St.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90013

Arts District = Best Neighborhood Ever

HHQ — Because around 1:00AM someone smashed one of our windows and took an iPad.  Wait, no, that sucked!  
    But there’s a silver lining that makes our loss a net gain. How so? Because we found out that we have some great friends in this little town of ours. 
    The smash and grab took place right around midnight. But no matter the hour, some of the most upstanding folks in Los Angeles (which puts them high in the running for most upstanding worldwide) waited by our broken door until we had been alerted and the LAPD had arrived. It’s just like Main Street, Anytown, USA, folks.
    And we’d like to thank these gents for looking out for us, and really making the Arts District the community that it is.  We’ve said it since we started, there really was nowhere else that Handsome wanted to be. This neighborhood welcomed us with a warm smile.  And we love it.  
    Huge thanks to Wolf Hudson, Johnny White, and Marc Free for being the greatest neighbors anyone could ask for.  Thanks for having our back.  
—Tyler Wells (& the rest of us, too)
  • 2 May 2012
  • 16