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The Handsome Spring Origin Trip: A Photo Preview

Cauca, Colombia

LOS ANGELES — One of the great things about coffee is that it is grown in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Sure would be nice to know someone who gets to go to these idyllic locations, wouldn’t it? As luck would have it, our coffee buyer and co-founder Chris Owens (@SingleOrigin on Twitter) is in Central and South America, wrapping up a three week buying trip. We will have a full report of his adventures, but for now enjoy these pictures as a little preview of things to come.

Solar drying process in Honduras

Honduras: Don Medardo…the Don Medardo of @HCR_DonMedardo fame

Still waiting for the Google Translation…

If it impresses on this table…you may soon find it on yours. (Stay tuned for more)

  • 2 April 2012
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