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Girls need sweatshirts too. We make clothes sometimes. This Vintage Japanese Terry sweatshirt is available online and in-store. Fits boys and girls, so share and love each other.
The sun is up. It’s Sunday. Cheers #drinkhandsome 

Photo by @beckytrejo
Our friend @missvenise is the coolest and a real serious coffee drinker. She hones her brewing skills with @1shot4theroad  (at Handsome Coffee)

Pure Gold. Sincerest thanks to the lovely people at Perk and Pearl for shooting this super neato and highly adorable video of our two-year anniversary party.
And again, cheers to all who participated— you’re the ultimate.

It’s too early for words.  #drinkhandsome #espressoandmilk #dtla #holdme (at Handsome Coffee Roasters - Arts District Coffee Bar)
FREE PUBLIC CUPPING at 3pm. Coffee geekery is a learned skill and we’re here to share know-how. Your cupping sheet gets you $2 off the bag of your choice. (at Handsome Coffee)
Meet Rulindo. Once toasted this darling is syrupy and sweet with the lingering freshness of marjoram. 

Photo by @kingstonphoto  (at Handsome Coffee Roasters)
Mark them calendars. 
Notes from the field: @brainofcharlie sorts parchment with farmer Jobneel Caceres behind his house where he dries all of his coffee. Follow Charlie as his Honduran adventure continues. (at Santa Barbara, Honduras)
It’s Saturday afternoon, which means it’s almost Saturday night. Here’s to good ideas. (at Handsome Coffee Roasters)